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Vanda Scaravelli called yoga a joyful appointment with your body. This may often be the case, but you may not be feeling very joyful, or your body may not be very well, you may simply feel exhausted, any number of things. She would probably have said just rest, which really means begin the process of letting go. This letting go is a conscious letting go, and it creates space, perhaps the beginning of yoga and our journey to freedom.

We all start from a different place, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. One of the aims here is create space for you to develop your own practice. The beginning of this is to notice more, it doesn't mean we all become self obsessed, in the end it means the opposite of that, we learn about compassion for each other.

Yoga opens pathways that may otherwise be closed to us. For example, practice teaches us to notice what is going on, and where. When we begin to notice how we approach a posture, how it is for us when in the posture, our breathe, what is happening elsewhere, in our minds, then we're beginning to practise yoga.

Noticing how we are opens the witnessing part of our consciousness to create a possible way out for us from our own story to realise a whole other story exists. To do this we need space in our lives, and asana practice and pranayama create this, allowing us to become more aware of our inner selves. This is available to each of us, and is integral to yoga.

If we have a particular issue, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual which is prominent then our yoga practice needs to embrace our awareness of this, and in this way it can really help.

Often the practice can bring things up which were present but obscured in the activity of our daily lives. Becoming aware of these, and being able to focus on them with more clarity is hugely beneficial, it is part of svadhiyaya in yoga, increasing the understanding of ourselves.

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