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About Steve Jamison

I began yoga in about 1970. There is a short bio below which outlines some of the journey so far.

About Steve Jamison. steve-jamison


In 1973 I'd finished with Exeter university. I had a degree in French, had lived in France for two tears and I went to Portugal, to a teaching job in Porto. I practised yoga postures everyday from a book , and had been surfing in North Devon while at Exeter so Portugal was a fair destination, even back then it was known for good surf. Salazar was in charge, I left Porto and the job, heading south past Coimbra to Lisbon and in the spring saw flowers on the end of rifle barrels as Portugal underwent the profound change of the Carnation Revolution. I went straight on to Morocco where I lived for a few years, ending up in Senegal writing some songs and playing with locals and returned to the UK to put a band together, eventually getting signed up ( owned ? ) by Black and White Music. We played in most of the well known venues in London and the first single reach no. 9 next to the Specials in the alternative top ten published in Time Out. Things changed after that, it all became overly serious and I parted ways with Black and White Music and their money. My band split up, the keyboard player Karl Wallinger went onto the Water Boys with the drummer Chris Whitton, who later joined Dire Straits. I stopped yoga, took up Kyushindo karate and began to sell recycled clothing in Camden Market, starting with my own clothes from the band . The recycling of vintage clothing led me to designing clothes that culminated in selling the whole collection to Bloomingdales in New York. I flew to New York to see it, and I felt like an observer to the whole process. The worlds of music and fashion really have a place and I met some lovely and not so lovely people, but my life was moving in a different direction.

After twelve years I'd managed a black belt and first dan in Kyushindo, and its founder and my teacher George Mayo advised me to take up yoga again, but I began Muay Thai ( Thai boxing) and ended up in Thailand. I was drawn to the Buddhist temple of my teacher and the monks there. My best friend had died dramatically and they put my mind and his spirit to rest.
From Thailand I found my way back to yoga, and to Ranju Roy who was teaching the yoga passed on to him from T.K.V. Desikachar. After five years studying and working with Ranju I went to a very different approach with Jenny Beeken, spending another five years in all with Jenny, two as a Trustee of the Inner Yoga Trust. I'd completed the full British Wheel of Yoga teacher training along the way. The teachings of T.K.V Desikachar and Jenny's softened approach from her teacher BKS Iyengar in India ( Jenny became influenced by Vanda Scaravelli ) began to coalesce and form a basis for my teaching. This incorporates other teachings which I underwent for several years around the energy body, particular meditations and my own experiental journey.

I'm currently writing a book on yoga while back in Portugal.

Yoga is a path and if we follow it intelligently it takes each of us where need to go.


The truths of yoga are perennial, but so much has changed recently, especially over the last ten years or so when it has become fashionable to do yoga, something that seemed impossible when I began. Not all of this is good, there is too much dilution from what yoga is. The Bhagavad Gita, the yoga sutras and other texts illuminate the path we tread, but their teachings need proper transmission, how working with the breath, postures and certain meditations are deep and far reaching.

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